Precision leveled, close tolerance sheets is an industry demand that Taylor Steel meets and exceeds on a daily basis with our three cut to length lines.

There are two different types of cut to length lines at Taylor Steel: stop-cycle and loop feed.  The Stop-Cycle Line runs heavy gauge material (up to 0.500") so roll marking from the leveller is not a factor; the line can be stopped and started for each sheet cut. The strip lead is fed up to the shear and a squaring cut is made. The specified length is input into the line computer and a measuring roll situated ahead of the shear measures the strip. When the selected length is reached, electrical impulses stop the line, engage the shear and then the sequence is repeated.

The Loop Feed Line features a looping pit between the leveler and the shear. The line runs at a constant speed to prevent strip surface marking. The strip is moved between the shear blades by a feed roll. Like the stop-cycle cut to length line, the strip is stationary when cut. The feed roll drives the required length to the shear and then stops the strip while the cut is being made. Since the line continues to run at a fixed speed, the material loops into a pit while the shear sequence is taking place. After the material has been sheared, the feed roll draws the next length to be cut out of the looping pit. The loop feed system enables the line to be run at greater speeds without sacrificing length tolerance or surface quality and eliminates the potential for sheared edge damage associated with mechanical stop systems. Because Taylor Steel has the best equipment available today, material can be cut to exacting tolerances reducing customer production costs and scrap loss in subsequent manufacturing operations.

  • Thickness range: 0.012" - 0.500"
  • Width: 10" - 72"
  • Length: 12" - 41'3"
  • Coil Weight: up to 65,000#

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