Master coils are coated continuously through a bath of hot zinc, this process is referred to as the “hot-dipped” process. The applied layer of zinc serves as a barrier between the base steel and the environment and will “sacrifice” itself by forming a layer of zinc oxide to protect the underlying steel. The thicker the coating the longer the corrosion resistance and life cycle of the product.


Automotive, appliances, ductwork, metal studs, roofing/siding, metal furniture/shelving, grain bins and decking.


  • Side trim capability
  • Thickness: .008”-.168” (also available in .169”-.250” dependent on minimum order quantities)
  • Width Range: 2”-72” (60”-72” available in .024”-.070”)
  • ASTM Spec: A653
  • Typical Grades: CS, SS (Gr33-80), HSLA grades, FS, DDS, EDDS, Dual Phase, TRIP
  • Coatings: G30 (Z90), G40 (Z120), G60 (Z180), G90 (Z275), G115 (Z350), G140 (Z450), G210 (Z600), G235 (Z700/720), 50g/50g, 60g/60g, 70g/70g, 90g/90g, 98g/98g
  • Surface Treatments: Passivated (RoHS compliant available) or non-passivated, oiled or dry, acrylic, temper rolled, pre-lubed, tension levelled