Galvalume coating is applied by the continuous hot-dip process and consists of approximately 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. This coating allows for superior corrosion resistance (more than two times galvanized), heat reflectivity and a consistent “spangle” appearance.


Steel buildings, roofing/siding, agricultural buildings, tubing, roll forming, appliance and automotive.


  • Thickness: .012”-.080”
  • Width Range: 2”-60” (49” and wider subject to minimum order quantities)
  • ASTM Spec: A792
  • Typical Grades: CS, SS (Gr33-80), FS and High temperature steel
  • Coatings: AZM100 (AZ35), AZM150 (AZ50), AZM165 (AZ55), AZ180 (AZ60)
  • Surface Treatments: Passivated (RoHS compliant) or non-passivated, oiled or dry, acrylic (Galvalume Plus), temper rolled, tension levelled