Today, we are successfully processing the most advanced high strength steels (AHSS) made throughout the industry. Advanced high strength steels are used predominantly in the automotive industry to lighten vehicles and improve fuel efficiency and are playing a much bigger role in the design and production of both today's and tomorrow's vehicles.

Our new AHSS Herr Voss Stamco slitting line is a hybrid line that combines multiple slitting disciplines and is an "engineered solution" to the problems the industry is facing processing this material. Rather than a single new technology, our line combines familiar components specially engineered to work together. The line can currently process light gauge (between .020 and .185) steels over 250,000 psi (1750 mpa) and is designed to slit third generation steels still in development that will exceed 300,000 psi. As the industry trend continues to rapidly move toward lighter gauge and higher strengths materials, WE ARE READY!!!

Everything from the required horsepower right through to the tooling is unique to this slitting line. Over 3 years of planning and design went into developing this technology and training our workforce. It was our goal to ensure that we were not only ready for today but also ready for tomorrow. We wanted to engineer the line to ensure we could process anything the mills and vehicle manufacturers could develop.

Steel slitting areasteel slitting area different angle