Cold rolled steel is produced by pickling and cold reducing hot rolled steel. Pickling removes the surface oxide produced during the hot rolled stage and cold reducing finishes the material to the desired thickness with tighter tolerances and improved surface quality.  Cold rolled is further processed via annealing (heating and cooling) to give it the desired mechanical properties and ductility.


Automotive, tubing, lighting, racking/shelving, office furniture, drums/pails.


  • Thickness: .012”-.130”
  • Width Range: 2”-72” (60”-72” available in .024-.070)
  • ASTM Spec: A1008/A1008M
  • Typical Grades: CS, DS, DDS, EDDS, SS (Gr40-50), HSLA, Vit (Porcelain Enamelling A424), Dual Phase, TRIP
  • Surface Treatments: mill oil or dry (no rust claims on dry), pre-lubed, tension levelled
  • Finishes: Rough matte (Ra 60-125), regular matte (Ra30-60), light matte (Ra30-55), ultra light matte (Ra 20-35), lustre (Ra 20 max)