Galvanneal is a zinc-iron alloy coating that creates a uniform surface well suited for painting and welding. Galvanneal is produced on the same continuous line as hot-dipped galvanize except after the zinc bath it goes through an additional annealing process which induces diffusion alloying between the molten zinc coating and the steel creating a zinc-iron alloyed surface which is grey in colour.


Automotive, signs, doors/door hardware, cabinets, partitions, and electrical equipment.


  • Thickness: .009”-.168”
  • Width Range: 2”-72” (60”-72” available in .024”-.070”)
  • ASTM Spec: A653
  • Typical Grades: CS, SS (Gr33-80), HSLA grades, FS, DDS, EDDS, Dual Phase, TRIP
  • Coatings: A25 (ZF75), A40 (ZF120), A60 (ZF180), 30a/30a, 40a/40a, 50a/50a, 60a/60a
  • Surface Treatments: Passivated (RoHS compliant available) or non-passivated, oiled or dry, temper rolled, pre-lubed, tension levelled